Honey, Carnival, Hats

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320

It was sticky, bruv! I couldn’t believe it! But the crazy thing, the crazy thing bruv were the bees. The bees were buzzing around, slowly through not fast like I usually seen them. They seemed zoned out, almost high but let me back up to the fat lady with the long dress, she opened up the tent flap to an exhibit that I would have normally passed up.

On my way to the funnel cakes I passed a tent. I turned my head and to the right of me I noticed a face, well first I noticed the nose. My eyes drawn to that thing which some archeologist might claim was the missing piece of the sphinx. It began to poke through one of the tent flaps.

My first thought was that whoever that nose belonged to should get that wart checked, probably benign but you never know. Then more of the noses body stepped through and revealed itself. It was a long dress, feet wrapped in Burkenstocks and the shoulders of the dress cut just low enough to reveal a tasteful amount of cleavage.

She waved at me and beckoned to approach. I looked up at the sign painted in bold, black letters, it read HATS. The funnel cakes were beginning to waft into my nostrils, I could see the angel of sugar, powdering the matted mess of sweet, gnarled dough.

I looked back at the lady, her wart sticking out on her nose like a diver about to jackknife into the tasteful cleft of cleavage.

I took one more glance at the funnel cakes, assuring myself they would remain there until after I returned from the HATS booth.

I followed wart lady into the tent. Before my eyes could adjust I heard buzzing all around me. I was beginning to see what looked like lumps on chairs.

“Honeycombs,” the lady said in a thick Latvian accent. I’m extremely keen on accents, and it was definitely Latvian. “Would you like to try?”

“Sure.” I belted out, more eager than I would have liked to let on. She gestured to a chair and I sat. Waddling over she held an entire honeycomb between her hands.

20 minutes up, story not finished

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  1. Marcus! Your writing is so colorful and engaging. It has humor and a swagger that just hooks you. I only wish this piece retained that “homey” voice all the way through! But I know there was a time constraint, so I came in with no expectations, per your request. I’m so glad I found your wordpress I’m really excited to follow your writing. 👍


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