Crepuscular, Indubitably, Gubernatorial

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @salgadoarnie

Like pancakes without any fluff.

That’s what was presented to me in a little cafe by that river that runs through Paris, France. (I don’t remember the name, Seinne?)

“What do you call this thing?” I lifted it with my fork.

“Le crepé, messuer.”

“Loo crape,” I said.

“Oui,” said the server.

“We,” I repeated.

“Can I get some peanut butter, applesauce and syrup for this Crape?”

“Ehm, messuer, teepee-cali, we eeet ouwer crepés avec, ehm, Jelly’s ou Jam’s. confiture.”

“Well I love to eat my pancakes with PB, Syrup and applesauce.”

“Hindu-bee-tab-lee, messuer.”


“I don’t doubt it messuer, I will go and see what wee ave.”

“Mercy,” I said.

After finishing my crape and thimbleful of coffee, I walked back to my rented bike, locked by the river. The tire was looking flat. To apply my new worldly knowledge it was looking crepuscular, its flatness was impressing me about as much as that crape and it was about as fluffy as well.

Well shit. Now I’ve got to push this bike back to the rental place with my backpack and shopping bag with Looeee Veetawn key chains for the family. For myself I bought a pair of Looee Veetawn penny loafers. Classy, real gubernatorial-like, you know?

So that was my trip to France, now I’m back and thinking about where to go next.

“That’s great sur, but I just need you to fill out this form with your personal information so the doctor can check out your rash.”

You know I got this rash in France!

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