Curmudgeon, Copacetic, Plethora

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @yvonnefankhanel

All the corn in a can you could ever want, sitting in neat rows on the shelves of Mr. Cron’s Corn Corner.

Aisle 1: Cans of corn
Aisle 2: Rows upon rows of canned corn
Aisle 3: More canned corn, neatly stacked and all facing the same way
Aisle 4: Corn Syrup

but then you get to aisle 5 and

Aisle 5: Canned Corn
Aisle 6: Canned Corn
Aisle 7: Canned Corn
Aisle 8: Canned Corn
Aisle 9: Canned Corn
Aisle 10: Canned Corn

At the check-out counter, no magazines, gum, candy bars or 5-hour energy. Just slots for more corn.

Special display cases, with giant plastic blow-up cans of corn like pillars on either side of a pyramid of canned corn.

It’s enough to make one feel crazy. Crazy in love with the options.

What’s for dinner? Corn.
What’s for lunch? Corn.
Whats for breakfast? Corn.
What will we snack on? Corn.
Oh, let’s go on a picnic and bring corn.

I’m thirsty. Corn Syrup! Aisle 4! Right in between the canned corn.

Check it out! Corn in a can at Mr. Cron’s Corn Corner. Of corn that is canned, we have a plethora.

Recently graduated college? Congrats pal! Here’s corn!
Recently home from the war? We salute you. Have some corn!
Finished a hard day of protesting? It’s copacetic man, grab a corn!
Looking for date options? Netflix and corn.
Want beefy beef? Canned corn.
Making a can pyramid in your house from hoarders episode 476? Canned corn!
Having trouble getting fat? Drink corn syrup.

The point is we’ve got corn in a can and we’ve got some sort of viscous liquid loosely based on–you guessed it–corn!

Don’t be a curmudgeon! Be a corn-mudgeon and eat cans of corn from Mr. Cron’s Corn Corner.

The corn comes in a can, it was put there by a man, not in a factory, but in his apartment. So you know it’s homemade.

At this rate, CORN! I, excuse me, I was saying that at this CORN. Oh my, I don’t understand what is CORN! It’s CORNing out of my CORN! I no longer CORN! CORNtrol. Corn is CORN! CORN! taking over CORN!


Just joking. I’m fine. The point is we’ve got a lot of canned corn and corn syrup, but mostly canned corn. Aisles 1-3 and 5-10 with corn.

We don’t have refrigeration it’s just canned corn and corn syrup.

Praise corn!

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