Histrionic, Verisimilitude, Narcissist

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320

words/phrase provided by @dhivyannn

In a swirl of paint brushes and acrylics, the painting was complete. The painter’s final masterpiece completed as it was hung in the London gallery where it was to be contractually shown.

For this painting, the artist had decided to show up. For the other 150-200 paintings, the painter had simply walked around his Hoboken, NJ studio to each of his apprentices and gave an approving nod or a shake of his head.

He couldn’t remember how many pieces had originally been agreed upon and so trusted the number a Junior gallery curator had said earlier that day. Only one piece was missing. In a grandiose show of feverish creativity, the artist asked for a blank canvas and paints, loudly enough for the PR rep. and art critic nearby to hear.

The artist removed his coat, which cost about as much as a mid-range grand piano and placed it on the canvas. Glancing over at the critic and public relations rep, he took off his shoes and began squirting black paint from the toothpaste like tube on their soles.

He then put his shoes back on and stomped on the creme colored leather jacket, loud enough for the two influencers to begin taking notice. They turned towards the painter and began to approach, cautiously so as not to disturb the genius at work.

Noticing their footsteps, the painter pulled off his shoes and flung them at the wall where the painting was to be hung. He grabbed the jacket and put it on, then ran towards the blank wall, putting a hole in his canvas on the way. He jumped at the wall, leaving black paint from the jacket.

The artist ran back to the now torn canvas and began squeezing tubes of paint by the handfuls. Reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens, white, grays, black, fell in chunks onto the canvas.

The painter heard the two non-painters talking.

“It’s as if he’s deconstructing the life of an artist before our eyes, forcing us to question the value of technique, our obsessions with messages and platforms.”

“Yes by removing his shoes and painting his jacket he’s forcing us to understand the master/slave relationship between art and artist, paint and painter.”




The painter heard and continued working, allowing himself a little smirk. He would receive his $100,000 bonus from the gallery for meeting the agreed upon number of pieces and he would do it to critical acclaim.

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