Saint, Overalls, Jolly

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @ninajo47

You need to brush your teeth. You need to comb your hair. Need to floss. Put on deodorant. Clip your fingernails. Swab your earwax. Trim your nose hairs. Maintain two eyebrows. Cut off those straggling hairs on your forehead.

Time is coming.

Trim your ear hairs. Lotion your face. Lotion your feet. Get dressed up in clothes that fit. No more overalls. No more pull up your pants and *SNAP*, *SNAP*, you’re dressed.

Time is coming.

You want respect don’t you. You want a long line of individuals trailing out the door at your funeral. You can’t die in overalls, you’re from the suburbs. Ridiculous.

Smile at the elderly, nod at your peers and make faces at children. Keep it up, they’ll remember you as a saint.

The saint of simple greetings. The saint of self care and simple greetings. The saint of self care, simple greetings and a hot body.

Well, time is coming.

You need to do push ups. You need to do pull ups. Need to squat. Ride a bike. Jog. Lift weights. Do crunches.

The saint of hot bodies.

Discipline. Rigor. Scheduling. Exercise doesn’t pay for food so get to work. Work tires you out so get some rest. Rest isn’t exercise so get to working out. No time for pleasantries, no time for big smiles, no time for nods, no time for making faces at babies.

Time is coming.

The saint of discipline. the saint of rigor. The saint of assholes. You’re staring down at your navel when you do crunches. There isn’t even the hint of a ripple where abs should be, supposed to be.

The saint of disappointment. The saint of eating like you haven’t eaten in years. The saint of comfort. The saint of Webflix.

You watch the rest of the show and get some rest. you’re not an ideal, you are.

And time is coming.

Eat. Drink. Be hairy. Increase your hygiene routine. Increase the discovery of hairs in new places. Trim, shave, cut, slice. The saint of hygiene.

Enjoy a good, hearty breakfast. Try a new restaurant everyday for lunch. Load up for dinner while you watch TV.

The saint of contentment. The saint of guilty pleasure. The saint of settling.

Time is coming.

You watch your weight. You watch your weight increase. More jelly equals more jolly. You keep up your routine, the hygiene routine.

You can’t have it all, time is coming.

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