Cognitive, Okra, Catawampus

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @furmannewby

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Something bulged out of my right side stretching my skin and ripping my shirt. I looked down at my legs and they were beginning to swell up, filling with some sort of liquid. Reaching out to touch my toes, I noticed my fingers engorging. I could feel my cheeks swelling, my eyes feeling pressure behind them.

I was crying and from instinct I went to wipe and felt a gooey yellow substance instead of tears, like tar. I realized that must have been what was filling up my body.

With my left hand I grabbed the remote. The liquid in my left hand hadn’t quite separated my skin from my nervous system so I had time to switch on the news.

My timing was impeccable.

“This just in, we are receiving reports of a new type of food allergy, which doctors don’t yet have a name for. The symptoms are sudden or spontaneous leakage of a bright yellow, sometimes orange substance, it’s thick and seems to be filling peoples bodies. As of now we’ve been hearing the term ‘Mustard Catawampus’ describing the color of the liquid and the distortion it causes to bodies while they fill.”

For fuck sake what is happening? I can’t see the TV anymore, my chest is beginning to roll up into my chin. I pushed down on my skin bubble blocking my view but a horrific wave of pain traveled down to my feet and shot back up to my head, making my eyes bulge momentarily before settling to a slow jostle back at my chest.

I don’t understand. I can still hear the TV, but I’m beginning to panic because my shoulders are pressing my neck, pushing there way against my ears. My chest is still rising, now pushing into my bottom lip and curling it downwards.

I’m afraid I’ll either suffocate in my own skin jelly, something I never could have imagined as a possibility. Or I’ll pop and die like some sort of 3-dimensional zit, red and pusing all over the couch.

Before I was enveloped by my inflating body, I heard the TV.

“Doctors are now saying the allergy is an extremely rare, yet deadly reaction to not getting enough Okra in one’s diet. Well that’s all from us, we’ll be back…”

The TV became muffled and the only thought my panicking, under-oxygenated brain cells could squeeze out was, “What the fuck is okra?”

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