Machete, Meatballs, Wednesday

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @ladychap84

They’re made out of cockroaches. The meatballs, I’m talking about the meatballs. We set up a trap in the middle of the kitchen on Thursday morning. The trap stays there for a week and we harvest on Wednesday’s.

Honey and old cheese is what we use to lure the roaches. A bucket is how we trap them.

When Wednesday rolls around we’ve already gone to the store for garlic, spices and tomatoes. We pull off the loose sheet from over the bucket trap and there are usually a few roaches who scurry away.

The bucket is always full.

Since all of the earths resources went into creating almond products, and the demand never stopped, we lost everything. Except for roaches. Billions of people died of malnutrition, eating mostly corn and almond by-products. Except for the bloody roaches.

We eke out a living making roach meatballs, with whatever other ingredients we can find. Today we found the perfect ingredients. We see this as our comeback.

Using the only tools we have available to us, our hands, we begin mushing up the roaches. Well, we do have a machete but it’s not useful for this task.

First it’s a pounding to kill them. Our fists, forearms and elbows crawling with roaches. one of us stands next to the pounder wiping escaping roaches back into the bucket.

Once the roaches are mostly unable to move, we add the garlic, then the tomatoes and spices, grabbing fistfuls of roaches and mix to squeeze it through our fingers. This is all mixed in with the honey and old cheese.

What about the roach shit? What about it? Do you want the closest thing to a meatball we can create or do you want to wander the once fertile American wasteland searching for something, anything.

If you choose the meatballs, then you’re a survivor. They’re actually more the texture of crab cakes but people want to believe they’re meatballs. So we cook on, as pioneers of this brave new culinary world.

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