Sandwich, Nose ring, Broken

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320

My eyes watered as the needle entered my septum, pushing through the barbel that would need to reside there for at least nine months before the intentional wound healed.

I paid the woman and left to grab lunch before returning to work. A sandwich.

The new hole in my nose felt foreign as I opened and closed my mouth around the BLT. Chewing seemed to shift the barbell around the recently punctured cartilage.

I kept wanting to pull at the flesh of my nose between each nostril. Each touch, however, sent me into an eye-watering, blink frenzy.

Although my nose wasn’t broken, I thought about the long nine month journey of sanitizing the piercing and staving off infection.

If eating this sandwich was a pain in the nose what would everything else be like? God forbid I’d need to pick my nose with or without a middle man i.e. tissue.

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