Yearn, Rasp, Grit

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @kadeburgercow

“Follow me.” The guy said. He was wearing a wide brimmed safari hat and an all Khaki outfit with zippers zig zagging everywhere. It looked as if the designer had made it their mission to challenge the pre-existing record of zippers on clothes.

From the looks of the outfit, he holds the record.

The guy who said “follow me” was our tour guide. His outfit would have been fine in the jungle but we were in downtown Los Angeles in July. This jungle required less clothing.

Why I was with this gentleman? Well, I wasn’t in my right mind. The Dodgers had just lost to the Brewers and I honored the visiting team by drinking copious amounts of brew. Then I stumbled out of the ball park, took a taxi downtown and realized I was thirsty.

The concrete-Dr. Livingston beckoned to me and now I’m following him, hoping he can lead me to the fountain of youth, or any working water fountain. I was yearning for some H2O.

I was slowing down, however, because of some sand in my shoes. A couple of bigger pebbles were stabbing straight into my foot bones by the toes then shifting down to my heal.

I sat down to take off my shoes and dump out the rocks. The guy came lumbering back, saying, “aren’t you coming? What’s wrong?”

I told him and his answer was, “No grit, no glory. Get up and get on. Tomorrow waits for no man so let’s get on it today. Work–“

His voice trailed off as he stomped away. Where the hell am I? Is this guy Jesus? Is he taking me to heaven? I hope there’s either water there or no thirst.

I stood up and ran after him. My running line zig zagging all over the side walk (like the zippers on his khaki suit) and then all over the asphalt. Then suddenly I stopped running. I was at eye-level with all the car tires and pedestrians feet. A incredibly loud and intense grating noise was in my left ear.

Then I was air-born, looking down at my body being dragged under a Semi truck. A teeth-gritting rasp emitted from the sound of my skull scraping against the asphalt.

I looked up, floating closer to the clouds. I looked over to the sun, feeling its heat and realizing that I was still thirsty.

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