Survey, Incompetent, Windy

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
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The entire family was there; Mom, Dad, Seth (my brother) and Uncle Matt, who was the last family member we called.

The five of us were accepted onto Family Feud Twister, a new format for the show which moved the entire set around in the heart of tornado alley. Usually the game show began indoors but by the end, tornadoes had completely ripped all non-essential pieces of the set. Often, there were casualties.

The weather element was presented for its audiences by a clip from the first season; a contestant from Wisconsin, Judy, remarks “Gosh it sure is windy.” just after the opposing family gets blown away and the laugh track turned on.

We started the game by choosing America’s number 1 surveyed answer to the question “Name a reason you might be addicted to being on your computer.”

The Smackersons buzzed in first with “Porn!”

Survey says–Porn, the number two answer on the board.

We got our chance to say number one. Huddling up, Uncle Matt knew the answer

Kill cams.

Survey says–Watching kill cams, number one answer. The board is yours.

We hopped around and played up our excitement for the camera.

The room shuttered and we heard a cracking sound. Wind was beating hell out of the set but the show went on.

Name something you might eat with an Impossible burger.

Faux Fries.

Survey says–Faux Fries, number one answer.

Who was the most–

–The flurry of windy punches against the set culminated into a Haymaker that sent the roof and four walls twisting off into the night sky. A camera operator was pulled out of her seat but her tether kept her 10 feet in the air.

The hair and make-up guy came around and plopped a dollop of grease on our heads before smoothing our hair back.

Who was the most famous President of the United States?

Chester Arthur.

Survey says–X

Dammit! Incompetent Uncle Matt.

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