Somber, Punish, Word

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
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No. That’s the word that terrifies Henry. In his mind, a “no” is meant only to punish. Hearing one directed at him puts him in a somber mood.

The first time he heard no was outside of the walls of his families estate.

Taking his Pinarello bicycle down the road, he stopped at a 7-11. This was also the first time he had left home on his own.

Walking into the gas station, he noted the red vest the attendant was wearing. The kid in the vest was about his age.

“Can I have a Redbull, some gum, a bag of Cheetos and some Gatorade?” asked Henry.

“Sure,” said red vest.


Henry stood there and waited. Red vest read his magazine.

“Are you gonna get my stuff?” Asked Henry.

“No, but I’ll ring you up.”

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