Chair, Desert, Heavy

3 things to inspire 1 story written in 20 minutes. #story320
words/phrase provided by @ninajo47

A one-legged man walked his three-legged dog who was carrying a four-legged chair on its back. The man leaned on a crutch on one side and pulled at his dog, lagging behind on the other. Nothing but cracked earth, rocks and tan bushes in all directions.

Behind the pair was a trail of their uneven foot prints. In front of them was nothing.

From his pocket the man pulled out a little round treat. The dog quickly caught up with the owner. Patting the good boy on its head, the owner gave the sitting dog a treat. while the dog was sat, the man untied the chair from its back and placed it next to his pal, facing the sun.

Setting down his crutch, the man took a seat with a sigh. It felt good to sit down. Warm from the oppressive sun, the man soon fell asleep, his beast panting beside him.

Suddenly, a wave of water washed over the dry valley, hitting the mans skin with a sizzle. The earth, however, soaked up the water and the sun quickly dried everything.

The man was dreaming and pouring with sweat.

A familiar scene from the movie screen overlapped with his reality. He was a stripper, on a chair arching his back under a great bucket of water.

He was suddenly kissing his dog full on the mouth in a sort of wet fencing match. His weapon a dagger compared to the long sword stabbing around his face. He wanted to wake up, desperately, the heat was drying the slobber so quickly that it felt like a new layer of skin whenever he moved his face.

He felt around fro something, anything. His hand touched his stump and he knew he was awake.

Hobbling to his feet, he used the chair to help him bend and reach his crutch. Then he tied the chair on the dogs back, making sure it wasn’t too much weight.

Then the pair continued their walk, defiant of the oppressive lack of everything all around them.